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The M-Lab concentrates on identifying and creating effective business applications for smart things in the area of B2B - from the idea through to the prototype. Within this area its interest centers on the fields of life sciences, retail, anti-counterfeiting, automotive and logistics.

Technical Perspective:
Ubiquitous computing (UbiComp), also frequently referred to as pervasive computing, is the basic technology behind the next innovation thrust to follow e-Business.

This makes smart things possible, which consist of classic physical products (atoms) with integrated and largely invisible minicomputers, such as sensors, transmitters and smart labels with data and software (bits).

UbiComp technologies close the gap between physical processes and the respective information processing. They help to reduce the costs of depicting physical resources and operations in information systems by assuming the role of a mediator between the real and the virtual world.


Business Impact:
Besides process optimization, UbiComp opens up possibilities for new sources of revenue. These arise from the ability to link physical resources directly with the associated services. This linkage is performed automatically, i.e. it requires no human intervention, thus making it fast, error-free and cost-effective.
It is not only the linkage which is automatic. A growing number of product-related services can be performed entirely electronically and thus automatically. Services of this kind, discussed in the pertinent literature under the heading of electronic services or Web services, package the process changes described above as chargeable services. The following categories of services are conceivable in conjunction with automatic identification:

  • Supply Chain Management services
  • Customer relationship management services
  • Leasing services
  • Insurance services


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