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  People as of January 2010

Elgar Fleisch

Prof. E. Fleisch
Friedemann Mattern

Prof. F. Mattern
Lukas Ackermann

L. Ackermann
Florian Michahelles

Dr. F. Michahelles
Thorsten Staake

Dr. Th. Staake
Jasser Al-Kassab

J. Al-Kassab
Oliver Baecker

O. Baecker
Cosmin Condea

C. Condea
Ali Dada

A. Dada
Andrea Giradello

A. Giradello
Tobias Graml

T. Graml
Alexander Ilic

A. Ilic
Tobias Ippisch

T. Ippisch
Stephan Karpischek

S. Karpischek
Mikko Lehtonen

M. Lehtonen
Claire-Michelle Loock

C.-M. Loock
Johannes Paefgen

J. Paefgen
Felix von Reischach

F. von Reischach
Christof Roduner

Ch. Roduner
Alexander Skorna

A. Skorna
Stephan von Watzdorf

S. von Watzdorf
Markus Weiss

M. Weiss
Stefan Zanetti

Alumni as of January 2010

Frédéric Thiesse

Prof. Dr. F. Thiesse
Robert Adelmann

R. Adelmann
Dr. Bernold Beckenbauer

Dr. B. Beckenbauer
Mario Bernasconi

M. Bernasconi
Dr. Oliver Christ

Dr. O. Christ
Oliver Eugster

O. Eugster
Dr. Christian Flörkemeier

Dr. Ch. Flörkemeier
Dr. Sandra Gross

Dr. S. Gross
Steve Hinske

S. Hinske
Dr. Bruno Käslin

Dr. B. Käslin
Matthias Lampe

M. Lampe
Dr. Chris Kürschner

Dr. Ch. Kürschner
Christian Metzger

Ch. Metzger
Dr. Carlos-Bravo Sanchez

Dr. C.-B. Sanchez
Dr. Patrick Schmitt

Dr. P. Schmitt
Dr. Thomas Schoch

Dr. T. Schoch
Dr. Regine Schroeder

Dr. R. Schroeder
Dr. Martin Strassner

Dr. M. Strassner
Dr. Christian Tellkamp

Dr. Ch. Tellkamp
Dr. Thomas Wiechert

Dr. Th. Wiechert

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We are currently looking for one talented individual to support our team as assistant professor (post-doc/ project manager). View details (german).

October 2011 Prof. Elgar Fleisch has received the Metro Innovation Award 2011 for leading the team of building a barcode reader for mobile phones (see the laudatio on youtube). The projects has been started in 2006 as the Batoo Framework for Nokia phones. Meanwhile, it has been ported and implemented on all available mobile platforms and commercialized by Scandit.